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Ending a marriage can be a stressful and complicated experience.  If you’re thinking about getting a divorce, you should immediately consult with an experienced attorney.  


At WV Legal, we will help you with all issues related to divorce, such as: Alimony, Custody, Child Support, and Division of Property. We tailor our approach to your needs and your circumstances.  Our goal is to minimize the stress placed on you.  We are dedicated to helping people resolve their cases in an efficient and affordable manner.


A contentious divorce can be expensive and difficult for families.  Many people imagine that all divorces are contentious and bitter.  But the reality is that most divorces can be made much simpler (and cheaper) if you have an attorney who is familiar with the law, the judge, and the opposing attorney.  At WV Legal, we have good relationships with many lawyers, and we try to work with them to reach an agreement that is in our clients’ best interests – resolving the case as quickly, peacefully, and cheaply as possible.


Whether you are anticipating a friendly or contentious divorce, we can provide the representation you need.  Our team will be by your side each step of the way to ensure that your rights and interests are protected.


When you come in for a consultation, we will review any documents you may have, listen to your situation, understand your goals, and develop a plan to accomplish your goals. 

Divorce with Children 

We understand how passionately our clients love their children.  Child custody is a major issue that often continues to be an issue even after a divorce is final.  If you have children and are facing a divorce, you need an attorney who will protect your rights and the best interests of your children – both now and in the future.   


Also, if you have had a long-term relationship with a step-child, that child might mean the world to you.  A divorce doesn’t mean that relationship has to end, and an experienced attorney can help you keep that relationship intact.


Our attorneys are experienced at customizing parenting plans uniquely tailored to meet your family’s needs.  We will speak with you for as long as it takes to understand the ins and outs of your circumstances, as well as those of the children.  That understanding will allow us to more efficiently negotiate a parenting agreement or more effectively argue your case in court, which will ultimately make it easier on you and the children involved.


Schedule a consultation soon so we can develop a plan to accomplish your goals.  We offer weekend and evening consultations at no additional charge.



Things to Consider

Whether you choose to hire us or work with another firm, here are some considerations before making your final decision:

  • You should leave your initial meeting with the attorney feeling that he or she understands your goals and your concerns. 

  • You probably already have in your head what the best and worst case scenarios are.  Your attorney should be able to lean on his/her past experience so that you leave your consultation with an understanding of likely scenarios.

  • While costs can vary largely and unexpectedly, you should leave your consultations with an idea of what the costs are likely to be in different scenarios. 

  • Finally, and perhaps most importantly, you should leave your consultation with a rough idea of your game plan, as well as an understanding of what you should and should not do in the meantime to avoid negatively affecting your property settlement and/or parenting time. 

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