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Sometimes calling it quits is the best thing to do.  Contact WV Legal to arrange to consultation for your divorce.

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There isn't much in the legal field more exciting than helping someone add a new member to their family.

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Fighting over children is highly stressful for both parents and the children.  WV Legal can help.


WV Legal can help grandparents get court-ordered time with their grandchildren.


You don't have to keep butting heads.  We can help you find common ground to get your case resolved.

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Injuries can happen in car accidents, from medical mistakes, elevators, etc.  Call us today if you've been hurt.

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Whether you need a contract drawn up, or you need to sue someone for breach, WV Legal Organization can help.

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We are available on evenings and weekends to work around your schedule.  Call us or email us to get started.

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